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Who doesn't like a free book?

Tomorrow is February 29th. It's a special day. Only happens once every 1460 days or so. 
For this reason, you are in for a treat. The Christoph Curse will be FREE all day long on Amazon.Just CLICK HERE and enjoy a fabulous romantic suspense novel. 

Here's a preview of what you'll find:

And if you do enjoy it, I'd love to see your review up on Goodreads or Amazon!
Happy Reading.

On Captivating Covers

You'd think people would read books because they are well written, interesting, topical, historical, romantic... and so on. But no, it's all about the cover. Do I want to read it? I don't know, let me see the cover. OK. I get it. I redesigned the cover of my first book and boom! Suddenly it's uber popular.

So I've redesigned another cover. It's a cover-eat-cover world apparently.

So what do you think, oh loyal readers?

Let me know! Your opinion matters.

Judging a book by it cover

From the time we are small, we are told never judge a book by its cover. You don't know what you'll find inside. You might miss out on all kinds of opportunity. Be it a book, literally, or a person or situation or experience, metaphorically.

So here I am now, faced with a momentous decision. The cover for the first in my upcoming new series... drum roll... Luckland Ladies Mysteries. I so want to share my ideas with you, and am considering it, believe me. I have a whole bunch of ideas for the cover but none have quite hit the mark yet.

Do I choose a plot element? The shoebox urns? The scrapbook of secrets? The gold?

Do I highlight the characters? The rabble-rousing ladies? The heroine? The love interest? (He's pretty hot!)

Do I go abstract? Maybe a scenic shot from Luckland itself?

Such a dilemma! I'm certain eventually it will happen. Like on Say Yes to the Dress... MJ? Are you saying yes to the Cover? But first I have to go through the agonizing process of creating it.…