The Ladies of Luckland have found their home! I started this blog as a journal for an aspiring author diving into the world of self-publishing.Without a doubt I am thrilled and awed at how far I've travelled on that road. But life is full of curve-balls. And it's with incredible joy that I share the news that my journey as an author is taking an enormous leap. The Luckland Ladies Mystery Series is going to be published by Scarsdale Publishing.Stay tuned for all the news that's fit to print about our favorite rabble-rousers as they reveal their decades of secrets and lies. 

Their life of Mystery and Mayhem. Their tales of lost love and second chances.In the town where nothing is sacred and everything is everyone else's business.And while you wait, don't forget All About Annie and The Christoph Curse are now on Kindle Unlimited! 

Dealing with ghosts

I grew up in a wonderful neighborhood. The kind where kids fled into the street after school to play. We lived on the water. And exploring the rocky jetties and shell hunting on the beach passed the time and and fueled our imagination.
We lived on the Long Island Sound, on a peninsula. If you looked out across the water, you could see the coastline of the New York Connecticut border area. And smack in the middle of the water was a lighthouse. There were many stories about the lighthouse and it's origins. As kids we made up a few more. 
We knew they referred to the little island with the lighthouse as execution rocks. In our innocence, we thought they executed pirates there. They didn't.

Growing up is never easy. Growing up and discovering the things you took so much pleasure in were evil to their very core? That's tough. Reconciling joy and despair takes a maturity personally I may never achieve. And once I learned the true history of the horrors of the picturesque beacon, it…

Introducing the Ladies of Luckland

I know, I know. I should be teasing about my new series, not giving too much away but I just can't help it. I am in love with my new cast of characters and know you will be as well. 
In the small Colorado mining town of Luckland, nothing is ever as it seems. And that includes the residents. Join me as we go behind closed doors and travel into the past to visit the lives of the Ladies of Luckland.
Kate, Matilda, Hope and Prudence have known each other forever. They grew up together. Shared all their secrets, their dreams, their first loves and their first heartbreaks. They were there for each other in every way possible. And when they grew up and had children of their own, they made a pact. To give them the best possible life they could, together. To guard and protect the next generation.  It was their sacred vow.
A vow that would be tested when their outrageous secrets catch up with them.
Secrets & Lies, a Luckland Ladies Mystery. Coming soon.
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The Luckland Ladies are on the way!

"Devon Marks, the excruciatingly annoying, intensely good-looking bane of my existence, had just announced he’s staying at my place. For a few days. All this while I’m being terrorized by a Vegas stalker with atrocious penmanship, and my mom’s relatives are scattered all over Luckland." Pippa O'Leary is having a very bad week. In a matter of days her life has gone from unremarkable to unbelievable. All thanks to the Ladies of Luckland, and their secrets and lies.
Coming June, 2020. 
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Finding Moments of Joy

Fellow word enthusiasts, times are tough. We are all learning a new way to coexist on this planet. I'm isolating, writing and waiting for the dust to clear. But I realize it's up to all of us to create our own moments of joy now. In between the frustration, sadness, and anger is a deep need to break out of the funk. Because all of us need to find those moments of joy right now. It's hard, yes. But perhaps more important than ever before to look beyond the headlines and the fear.

Click here for a brief reminder that Moments of Joy still exist. If you know where to look.

#StaySafe #StayHome #ReadBooks

Ebooks. Hoard away...

Wondering how to survive being at home for extended periods of time? Read. Read. Read. Particularly ebooks. Why? Because there is an infinite supply. Let me explain.

We've all now seen what panic can do. It drives people to hoarding. Fear and anxiety over being cooped up for up to a month or more has Americans hoarding a year's supply of toilet paper. I hesitate to ask why. We all have been wondering. I heard through the rumor mill that someone posted online that you coud transform toilet paper into a face mask. Well, okay then. Not true. NOT true.

In some cases, individuals have been hoarding beer, wine, vodka, whisky not to drink but in some misguided notion that any kind of alcohol will protect them. Can't find sanitizer? While it's true isopropyl alcohol and aloe vera is a home remedy concoction, I've yet to see the recipe that features aloe and tequila.

The woman spotted filling her cart with disposable diapers? I get it. Though picking up a supply of cloth di…

A new home for my books!

If you're reading this, I do hope you're enjoying my posts. I think it's a great way to connect! But now with 3 titles published and a new series on the way, I felt it was time to give my books a home.
Ta da! has arrived.
You can stop in, see what's new, sign up for my newsletter and explore my books.
It's also where I'll be introducing you to my newest series, The Luckland Ladies Mysteries. I'll be sharing tidbits, including recipes from the Blue Sky Cafe, and hints as to where the figurative bodies might be buried.
So come stop by for a visit. The door's always open.