Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Browsing for Books

Today I'm launching a new feature on my site. 
Browse for Books!
It's a virtual library of indie book previews. A place to take a look for something different and support all the amazing writers out there who haven't yet hit the lottery.
In publishing terms? We self publish. We do our own thing. We don't wait for magic to come to us, we create our own.
I can't include every title, so I will feature as many as I can, and rotate a few here and there, like your local library, to give everyone a voice.

It's a work in progress. So as I get things put together I'll be categorizing by genre but for now, be patient. I won't be including anything I find I wouldn't read myself. What wouldn't I read? I'll know it when I read it!

Enjoy the new feature and support your local indie author!

Full disclosure: I do not charge any fees for Authors and books appearing on my blog. However, I may receive compensation for any books purchased through Amazon through their affiliate program. After several months, this may in fact add up to the cost of a cup of coffee. Just putting it out there.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Need a Holiday Gift?

What's the gift that keeps on giving for the holidays?
A book.
Seriously. Books have no shelf life, though they live on shelves.
Books are timeless gifts.
Books are for everyone.
Books are fun to buy!

So this year, start a holiday tradition. Take the family shopping at the local bookstore. Spend an hour or two browsing for everyone on your list. I guarantee you will not regret a minute of time spent this way.  I still remember the sounds or our girls' voices piping up from different aisles with a shout of glee at whatever they've discovered. Or finding them curled up and reading their treasure before we even had a chance to get to the checkout line.

Fireside Book Shop in Chagrin Falls has plenty to choose from!
Now my personal preference is a printed book for those in the room with you and ebooks are great for those who are far away.  Audiobooks for those unable to read.

When you #giveabook, you are giving them something extraordinary. Maybe it's Adventure. Or Romance. Or History.  You can give them a trip around the world or a trip to another solar system. You can give them Poetry. Or Science Fiction. Or a little Magic. Not just Holiday Magic, but Magic that lasts all year.

Books are keepers. As far as gits go, most people don't return them, they read them and pass them on. The gift that keeps on giving.

So give them all exactly what they want this year. In a book.


Saturday, November 2, 2019

Holiday short stories, yay or nay?

As the weather turns colder, even here in the desert, I'm thinking of publishing a nice little short story for the holidays. I have loads of ideas, but wonder if it's worth doing. Oh not financially, just for exposure. So I decided I'll do a survey. Here, on my blog, and then on Twitter and possibly Facebook too. I really want to know.

Do you enjoy short holiday themed stories? Do you enjoy short stories at all? Would you pay for it? Or would you rather see it on the blog as a gift? Would you share it and help a poor writer out? Or would you just read it, enjoy it, and move on? So many questions about this.

Ultimately, I may or may not heed the advice of my readers and followers. Ultimately I'll probably write the story that's in my head and ignore the whole marketing angle entirely.

Writing for me isn't about the money, clearly. Though the ability to pay bills is always a bonus.
So here you go:

Would you like to see a short holiday story in this blog?
If I published one on Amazon would you pay 99¢ to read it?

Comment below or, as many of you do, just email me! I'd love to hear from you.

Browsing for Books

Today I'm launching a new feature on my site.  Browse for Books! It's a virtual library of indie book previews. A place to take a ...