Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Ladies of Luckland have found their home! 

I started this blog as a journal for an aspiring author diving into the world of self-publishing.

Without a doubt I am thrilled and awed at how far I've travelled on that road. 

But life is full of curve-balls. And it's with incredible joy that I share the news that my journey as an author is taking an enormous leap. The Luckland Ladies Mystery Series is going to be published by Scarsdale Publishing. 

Stay tuned for all the news that's fit to print about our favorite rabble-rousers as they reveal their decades of secrets and lies. 

Their life of Mystery and Mayhem. Their tales of lost love and second chances.

In the town where nothing is sacred and everything is everyone else's business.

And while you wait, don't forget All About Annie and The Christoph Curse are now on Kindle Unlimited! 

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