Welcome to Writer's Block

I'm envisioning this as a place to explore and share my journey as a writer. My goal is to hopefully make it easier for others to launch their own journey without fear. Because for me, I've spent far too many years afraid to 'go public' with my work. 

Why do so many of us fear sharing our writing with the world? Especially fiction? For me it's about judgement. Criticism. Rejection. Over the years I've had too much negativity from so-called experts. Those who discouraged rather than encouraged. Those who simply dismissed my efforts. Now I guess as they say I am woke. I realize it matters not a smidge if anyone else likes my stories. I do. 

I'm ridiculously tired of being told my stories aren't a good fit. Fit for what, someone's bank account? Writing isn't about the money. It never has been. The money let's you eat, pay rent, and live to write another day. So all you would be authors, remember, you are a writer if you write. It's that simple. If you are a storyteller, weave those tales. If you are a novelist, finish that masterpiece.

I can't wait to read it.


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