Saturday, September 7, 2019

So what do yout think? No really!

Hello dear readers! Just checking in! How'd you like my book? You loved it? Wonderful. Will you write a review? Yes? Oh thank you.

No, I'm not holding my breath. Good thing. I'd be dead. This week's blog rant is quite honestly a begging session. Picture me on my kitchen floor waiting at the cupboard like Darwin the wonder cat waiting for treats. Phone in hand, checking Amazon and Goodreads and Barnes and Noble every 5 or 10 seconds. Nope. Still 5 reviews.

How is that possible? I've sold way more books than that! OMG everyone hates it. They are lying to me. They hate my book and don't want to tell me. Maybe I should unpublish, which in non-publishing terms is a take-back.

Oh you're looking for my debut novel? Did I say it was out yet? Just kidding! I have to rewrite it!

Yes I'm ranting like a lunatic today. Only out of frustration but when I invited you all on this journey with me I promised the good the bad and the ugly. Today is the ugly. Now, I must get back to my protagonist who's just discovered the thumping in the basement isn't the furnace, so I'll leave you all to that review you promised, unless you hated it and in that case, silence is golden.

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