Saturday, October 12, 2019

To serialize or not to serialize?

Seems one of the latest rages in publishing is to serialize your novel. Chapter by chapter, publish once a week and keep the reader hooked. Now this works for digital publishing, but what about that paperback? Not so practical.

That's the issue for me. I love paperbacks! I love to open up a closet and find stacks of them waiting to be read. But I also love a good continuing saga online. A blog or website I can tune into each week and get my fix of a really good story.

Right now, I'm working on a new series. I've completed the first two books, and am working on the third. While I've had a bit of success interesting a few publishers and agents in my current work, nothing has panned out so far. Leaving me to decide what is the best way to introduce my new series.

This is where I am in my decision-making process. So I turn to you, my faithful blog-readers.
Would you like to see my next masterpiece published online, chapter by chapter?
What about if I give you a look at the first chapter, and let you decide?
Stick to the original plan, and let you purchase the format you like best?
How about waiting and offering it as a box-set?
Or do I keep on querying those literary agents and see where that takes me?

Comment below, let me know what you think!
What would you do?

Happy reading!

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