Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Browsing for Books

Today I'm launching a new feature on my site. 
Browse for Books!
It's a virtual library of indie book previews. A place to take a look for something different and support all the amazing writers out there who haven't yet hit the lottery.
In publishing terms? We self publish. We do our own thing. We don't wait for magic to come to us, we create our own.
I can't include every title, so I will feature as many as I can, and rotate a few here and there, like your local library, to give everyone a voice.

It's a work in progress. So as I get things put together I'll be categorizing by genre but for now, be patient. I won't be including anything I find I wouldn't read myself. What wouldn't I read? I'll know it when I read it!

Enjoy the new feature and support your local indie author!

Full disclosure: I do not charge any fees for Authors and books appearing on my blog. However, I may receive compensation for any books purchased through Amazon through their affiliate program. After several months, this may in fact add up to the cost of a cup of coffee. Just putting it out there.

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