Thursday, June 25, 2020

Introducing the Ladies of Luckland

I know, I know. I should be teasing about my new series, not giving too much away but I just can't help it. I am in love with my new cast of characters and know you will be as well. 

In the small Colorado mining town of Luckland, nothing is ever as it seems. And that includes the residents. Join me as we go behind closed doors and travel into the past to visit the lives of the Ladies of Luckland.

Kate, Matilda, Hope and Prudence have known each other forever. They grew up together. Shared all their secrets, their dreams, their first loves and their first heartbreaks. They were there for each other in every way possible. And when they grew up and had children of their own, they made a pact. To give them the best possible life they could, together. To guard and protect the next generation.  It was their sacred vow.

A vow that would be tested when their outrageous secrets catch up with them.

Secrets & Lies, a Luckland Ladies Mystery. Coming soon.

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